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All You Should Know About Ventilation Fan Singapore

If you pay enough attention to the comfort of your home, you probably accept that air quality should be a top priority. Fresh air is good for health and thought. It is not a shame to invite guests to a fragrant room. Ventilating every room several times a day isn’t an easy task, is it?

Formulas for calculating the fan head 

The flow in the channel is unevenly distributed and does not pass perpendicular to the cross-section. It will not be possible to find out the exact pressure of ventilation fan singapore; you will have to look for the average value in several places. This must be done both to enter and exit the ventilation device.

To Measure ventilation pressure?

The pressure can be measured by the following method:

  1. The mean total prevalence and productivity are measured at several points.
  2. Then choose an additional section – in the nearest straight section after leaving the ventilation device. Then take a probe and determine the performance and mean total pressure.

Axial ventilation fan singapore fans are used separately and in ducts; they work efficiently where large masses of the air have to be transported at relatively low pressure.

From the average total pressure in the additional section, the calculated losses in the segment after the fan are removed. Get full outlet pressure.

 Keep the following patterns:

kyowa singapore

The total pressure of the fan must be equal to the pressure loss in the ventilation network.

To know the pressure loss in the duct, you can check the flow dynamics: as soon as the airspeed increases, the resistance of the ventilation network increases.

As the fan speed increases, the static head decreases, and the dynamic head increases in proportion to the square of the increase in airflow. The total pressure will not change.

In this case, the amount of air used and the load on the electric motor, if they increase, are not significant.

 Some requirements for the electric motor:

  • low starting torque – because energy consumption varies according to the change in the number of revolutions supplied per cube;
  • Department store;

Fan power depends on total pressure as well as efficiency and airflow.

In the phase of its design, it will have to give priority. Take into account the costs, the loss of usable space, the noise level.

 The role of pressure in the ventilation network: The fan is a simple design in the form of a wheel with blades. At the same time, this is part of the ventilation system. A mechanical device affects the pressure in the duct and determines the effectiveness of the ventilation.