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Child Counselling And Support School In Singapore

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When we talk about teaching children, academic subjects come to mind. The school has become a place where academic and physical education is imparted. However, we need to remember that mental health plays a vital role in the development of an individual. This is why Integrated International School is a one-stop destination for child counselling Singapore.

What makes it better

At IIS, the staff makes every child feel welcome in their warm environment. The staff team also consists of therapists and highly qualified specialists who make sure to tend to students for their behavioral development. They also provide services like counseling, social services, speech therapy, behavioral therapy, and occupational therapy.

Mainstream with Support Program

child counselling singapore

Mainstream with support is a program where students can enroll themselves in. With this program, they get exclusive access to support services. The facilities also make sure that children receive high-quality education to develop a broader mindset. Counseling and therapeutic service, and regular studies ensure that students can reach their maximum potential. It is possible by implementing techniques through which the children can feel challenged. Personality traits and strengths of the kids are the categories in which the school distributes the challenges. This kind of approach is known as Specialized Teaching And Responsive Students (S.T.A.R.S). It combines a strong academic program with remedial lagging skills. In this support school, students get the chance to master their special talent or area of interest. The goal is to nurture and pay attention to the strengths of the students, as everyone is unique in their way.

Four core domains

This school has four main domains under which a student is trained.

  • Academic competence- As the name suggests, under this the students receive their academic education. This is similar to any other traditional school.
  • Relationship development- With the help of this, the staff aims to find a common purpose between different kids. Higher-order, cognitive functioning-This is an essential life skill. The cognitive functions are attention, planning, decision-making, and problem-solving. With this area of discipline, these skills are polished.
  • Self-regulation and self-awareness- It is a part of emotional intelligence. Self-regulation defines how well a student can control their impulses. It also teaches how to regulate your emotions under high-stress environments.

Integrated International School is revolutionary because it also offers child counselling singapore. If you are looking for an education system where proper care is given to the overall development of a kid, IIS is the right choice.