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Components of a CNC Machining

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CNC machine offers skill and technology which are both pro-combinational and advanced. CNC Machining Service is very important in today’s world. They are controlled and managed through an alpha-numeric coded system. CNC machining is made up of five sub-systems that are combined together to form one single entity which is synchronized to perform a single function. The operations of the CNC system are controlled and run by the program that is installed in the computer. Here, we will talk about some of the main components of CNC and understand its importance.

Input Devices and the Machining Components

The input devices consist of the first part of CNC Machining Service. To control the CNC system it requires an input that would drive the operation of the system. There should be coordinating action between the system and the pre-loaded programming to have the desired function. Hence, some data storage devices like compact discs or any modern data transfer system are used.

The machining part of the CNC is that part that permits for the high precision output of the product. This system controls the movement of the hands of the system that craves the output from the raw material. This is the core mechanical structure where the spindles and the system machine have merged that leads to a different output. The processing component of the Computer Numerical Control machine follows the instruction of the pre-loaded program into the machine.

Machine Control Unit and Driving System

A logic control of high value is at the heart of the CNC which controls the whole system. It consists of two parts which consist of the

  1. Data Processing Unit- The DCU is responsible for processing the data or the program that is feed to the machine. This part decodes the program and after it is decoded, the control is sent to the CLU for the further functioning. This is the central part because the program is being processed here.
  2. Control Loop Unit – This part actually follows the instructions that are processed by the DPU. The CLU part produces the desired output of the product. This part consists of motors and spindle that assists the cutting process. This is mainly the mechanical structure.

Feedback System

The feedback system is the last system of CNC Machining. It is as equally important as the other components of machine parts. For the effective operation of a CNC system, a relay feedback is needed about the various processes that occur before and after the completion of each and every process. There are numerous feedback devices. Some of them are linear transducers and scales which are positioned directly and encoders.


There are various special components and accessories which are available for any CNC machine. If you are interested, you can surely read and learn about them.