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Create a safe and nurturing environment for kids

While sending a toddler away on his or her’s first day of starting in a nursery school it is obvious that a parent would feel concerned as the child has never been away from his/hers parents before, which is why it is very important to find a pre nursery school that feels a little homey to your child. Schools all over the world, especially in Singapore offering education at the level of pre nursery  are very famous for their hospitality and the environment that they create for kids. Let’s see some of the pre nursery singapore schools and what do they have to offer.

Details about the best pre nursery schools in Singapore are,

pre nursery singapore

  • Global Montessori Plus.
    • When parents are asked to give their reviews/opinions about this school, the answers generally consists of praises regarding their curriculum and their teaching style.
    • They train their students with the montessori philosophy in the modern context, so that eventually those kids can grow into their best potential selves.
    • They use a contemporary teaching method with the help of state-of-the-art infrastructure, they also seem to build a strong sense of love and passion towards learning among preschoolers by creating a fun and positive environment which helps in shaping the curious minds of the kids in a way that they feel ready to take on challenges of the digital world.
  • MapleBear Preschool.
    • This preschool is most famous for the amazing bilingual learning experience that it provides to your child. Your child is getting the knowledge from both, Canadian and Singaporean sides.
    • In this school your child’s literacy skills would develop far beyond your imagination as they would be learning in both languages, English and Mandarin from the very first day.
    • The holistic and dynamic programmes that are provided by MapleBear, allow the children many opportunities to develop their social, emotional, language and cultural skills.
  • Kanopy Forest Preschool.
  • The education provided to children in Kanopy Forest Preschool is totally nature centric, so that the child grows up in a peaceful environment and respects nature.
  • It’s easier for children to connect with one another outside the learning environment, so it also indirectly helps the social skills of students.

Even the classrooms in Kanopy Forest are built by keeping nature in mind so that students don’t feel like they have come to a completely different place.