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Everything you should be aware of in the wedding event space

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 A wedding photographer is just a location where a wedding may be held. Of course, most people think of “wedding venue” when they think of locations in major cities that offer not just wedding event space but also caterers, tables, chairs, tablecloths, tableware, and even waitstaff as part of their wedding packages.

These establishments, which advertise themselves as “wedding venues” on the internet and in wedding publications, include hotels, warehouses, art galleries, and elegant buildings with colonnades and gardens with separate rooms and spaces expressly set up for marriages.

What should we care about?

wedding event space

When hiring a conventional wedding location, many may tell people that they will take care of “everything,” but it’s crucial to understand precisely what those “things” are. This usually entails providing their guests with a space or halls in which to have their wedding, tables and chairs, linens and dishes, and, most likely, cuisine and waitstaff. However, the majority of them do not supply anything else, such as the dress, photographer, stationery, florist, cake, videographer, music, officiant, cosmetics, hair, or transportation.

Rehearsal dinners also have many restrictions when it comes to regarding the kind of events they may hold. The most prevalent limitations are ignition source candles, sparklers, and throwing anything toward the bride and husband.

A view of the food and essential categories

Numerous wedding venues also have a preferred vendor list. Anybody reserving the venue must also utilize the names on the recommended vendor list for all other wedding services (photo, entertainment, videos, lighting, etc.) The casual dining minimal (or catering requisite) that goes with 99 percent of beautiful wedding contracts is the most typical preferred vendor condition. If you enter into a contract with both the venue, you must use their in-house food and bar services and spend a certain quantity of cash with them. These food and bartending services are typically more costly than what you might obtain on your own. The wedding event space will manage these all, and they cater best of their output.


All of these typical venue characteristics are what attract so many couples to non-traditional wedding locations. There are usually no deposits, or if they are small, there are few limits because you are not responsible for your conduct, and there are no hidden fees. Non-traditional venues, on the other hand, come with their own set of problems since buyers are now responsible for supplying the necessary amenities for guests and some other wedding providers.