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Everything you should know about the service-learning Singapore

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A teaching and learning style known as service-learning encourages students to take civic duty and apply what they have learned in the classroom by providing a meaningful contribution to their local community. The most potent examples of service learning singapore take place when the act of service is meaningfully integrated into ongoing education and when it is an organic component of a curriculum that extends into the surrounding community. Students need a challenging and current curriculum if they are going to be successful in the 21st century, and service learning is one of the most critical components of such a program.

It is beneficial to review the Rubric for Continuous Improvement of the Service-Learning Experience when designing a project involving service learning.

service learning singapore

The Protocol of the IPARDC

According to a body of research, beneficial academic, civic, and social-emotional outcomes can be achieved through service-learning opportunities that use national standards and indicators. In service-learning practices of high quality, the standards and indicators are adhered to throughout the entirety of the implementation process, which is comprised of the following five components:

  • The search for answers
  • Planning
  • An activity
  • Some thought on it
  • A Presentation or a Festive Occasion

You will be able to blend instruction with core academic skills to intentionally achieve your intended goals if you use the IPARDC process as the framework within which your students will design and carry out their service-learning experience. Your students will design and carry out their service-learning experience within the IPARDC process. Look at the Service-Learning Implementation guide to acquire additional information regarding this method.

The Value of Learning Through Service

Through the provision of chances for students to apply academic knowledge to real-world situations, service-learning has the potential to improve both the academic and social outcomes of students. In addition, studies have shown that service-learning can have a good effect on the following factors:

  • Rates of both attendance and absenteeism
  • Engagement in both the classroom and the community
  • Reducing the risky behaviors of young people
  • Reducing discipline problems


The atmosphere of the school and the classrooms

The primary purpose of the Learn and Serve grant is to provide financial assistance for ongoing teacher education and to set up an infrastructure that will encourage the implementation of high-quality service-learning practices throughout all local school districts.

Organization for Volunteer Service in the United States

The definition of service-learning found in the National and Community Service Trust Act of 1993 is the one that the Corporation utilizes for National Service (CNS). The definition of the Trust Act is provided below, along with its primary objective.