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Here’s What Every Woman Needs In Her Closet

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What women want to wear is different from what they need to have in their closets. Trends can be seasonal that is why it is important that you know what your wardrobe essentials should be. These are certain pieces that you can buy from midi dress that you need to have in your closet. No matter what your style is, here are key pieces to add to your wardrobe.

Plain Tees (White, Black, and  Gray)

When adding plain t-shirts to your closet, it is important that you have them in these colors. Don’t underestimate the power of plain T-shirts. These colors work perfectly well with jeans, shorts, or skirts. These are the items that you can easily grab from your closet if you can’t seem to figure out what to wear for the day.

Well-Fitted Blazer

You need to have a well-fitted blazer in your closet. This is a perfect cover-up over your blouse, t-shirt, shirt, or dress. However, to make it look good on whatever garment you will pair it with, make sure that it perfectly fits your body shape and it is the right length. Most women will have a black blazer in their closet, but you can also have it in a variety of colors of your choice.

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Little Black Dress

If you ask any woman, they will advise you to have at least one “Little Black Dress”  in your closet. It’s a tried-and-true option for those who can’t decide on what to wear for a formal event. So make sure that when you pick one, it perfectly fits you.

Jeans in Different Styles

Jeans are a must-have for women. You have to know what type of jeans will look good with your body type. And these days, there are different jean styles to choose from. Whether the jeans are slim, flared, skinny, or cropped, the choice would depend on your style preference. Most women will have jeans in their closets that would be comfortable to wear no matter what the weather or occasion is.

Tailored Black Pants

You know you can’t always choose to wear your jeans. When the event calls for formal attire and you don’t want to wear a dress, you can pair the tailored black pants with a formal blouse or another top. Fitted black pants can make you look well put together. When choosing your black pants, stay away from edgy cuts. Keep the design of your black pants simple.

If you have everything in your closet, for sure you will never run out of options. You don’t need to have plenty of clothes. All you need are the above essentials in colors and styles that you prefer. This way, you know that you can put together and mix-and-match something that would look good on you.