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Holistapet is a California-based company that provides treats and CBD for pets in a variety of ways. CBD for pets is a burgeoning sector with numerous new entrants.The best CBD products for pets are sweet enough to entice your pet while still being manufactured with high-quality components. Holistapet appears to meet both of these requirements.Furthermore, is committed to providing vegan and gluten-free products that are designed to benefit pet health in a variety of ways. Holistapet is also cruelty-free and environmentally sustainable, ensuring the health of all animals, including your pets.

Source of Hemp

Because of the popularity of CBD products, hemp, from which it is derived, is in high demand. These restrictions have been relaxed in recent years, allowing more people to produce hemp to satisfy demand.In certain situations, this can result in CBD products created from substandard hemp or even poisonous hemp acquired through exports. Holistapet, on the other hand, has an agreement with several farms in a Colorado Department of Agriculture pilot project.As a result, their CBD is always of excellent quality and safety.


Method of Extraction

Holistapet uses supercritical CO2 extraction, which is one of the most advanced ways of extracting CBD from hemp. Essentially, the plants are immersed in CO2 at such high pressure that the CO2 becomes a solvent.The CO2 is extracted from the residual plant materials, carrying with it the CBD and other cannabis chemicals. It is then relatively simple to separate the CO2 from the CBD.This is a very safe extraction process.

Test Findings

For all of their goods, Holistapet provides third-party lab test results. This is something you should check for in any CBD product you purchase. claims to provide full-spectrum CBD, yet most lab reports only list amounts of one or two CBD components. Full-spectrum CBD typically refers to the inclusion of a broader range of cannabis-derived chemicals to give the entourage effect.

Product Line

Holistapet’s goods are primarily for dogs and cats. That makes it reasonable given that the limited research on CBD use in animals has largely focused on dogs and cats.They also sell horse-related things. CBD products for horses are a relatively young and rapidly growing business.

According to research, there is a sweet spot, a CBD dosage that will benefit your pet the greatest. Giving them less, or even more, will not produce the same results.Experimenting is the only way to locate that sweet spot.That can be frustrating and time-consuming, but you’ll get the best results if you adjust servings in small increments and give your animal companion time to acclimate.