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How One Should Prepare For a Psle Paper?


The worry of parents regarding education is a never-ending concern. To build the way from one level to another level requires entrance exams. One such exam taken in the ending year of primary education is PSLE, or Primary School Level Examination is a Singapore-based exam. The Ministry of education of Singapore sets the PSLE paper to determine whether a student can enter its second phase of school. Primary level students must take this test and qualify it based on the criteria.

What are the subjects involved in this examination?

No examination is difficult to crack if one has grasped the basic concepts. The psle paper involves four major subjects. The participant has to thoroughly prepare the syllabus of its mother tongue, English language, Mathematics, and Science. The candidates are given a choice to select their desired examination medium- English, Malay, Tamil, and Chinese.

Psle Paper

Is there any goal associated with this exam?

Most of the students’ even parents, wonder about the purpose behind the psle paper. The student can always use references and tuitions to keep up with the guidelines.

– The vital purpose is to shortlist the capable student for secondary level.

The psle paper is mainly sub-divided into four segments and is set to comprehend every candidate’s skill.

– The writing skill checks the level at which a student had grasped the concept.

– The second paper focuses on language and comprehension. Writing accurately is nothing without its context. The level a candidate has comprehending the concept is vital.

– The listening paper focuses on the understanding of the verbal statements.

– The final phase is oral communication, where the candidate’s verbal fluency and reading abilities are checked.

What if we fail the psle exam?

There always exists the unfortunate chance that the candidate cannot clear the entrance. The candidate is then left with either retiring for psle in the preceding year or advancing to a vocational school.

How can the candidate score well?

You have to try to score better. Here are some tips that the candidate can follow to score well in the exam.

  1. It is vital to plan study hours. The candidate can decide its time for each subject and study accordingly while taking required breaks.
  2. Try previous year’s exam papers and sample papers.
  3. The candidate can take guidance from educational institutions.
  4. Don’t force your brain for rotten learning.

Trying and working hard is a significant part of the will to clear the exam. Just relax your mind, and you will clear the exam.