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With great power comes the greatest of the responsibilities. Stepping into the shoes of a leader and fulfilling all the responsibilities that he has, is not an easy task. And not all can easily bear the role of a leader to a community in true sense. There are series of characteristics that an individual should bear in order to be a great leader. There’s no ultimate definition of a leader- it might very well be a team, the top most representative, any particular figurehead or even an executive of any specific organization as well.

Obviously, the leader needs to have the capability of handling the group of men, and the only skill that might help him in doing that is vocational and oratorical skills. Engaging the mass is the toughest job, since there are number of people of different culture and different perspective to one particular object. It’s the motivational speech of the leader that will bind them together in one string and make them perform as a team.

So the biggest question in the making of a public leader is how will the speaking skills help in constructing a true leader out of a common man? According to Chuck Kopp, the only way a leader has access to speaking with thousands of his followers is public speaking forum. It is not possible to attend each one of them individually and address to their specific problems and needs. It is essential for the leader to make his opinion heard to all the people within the organization and even to the rest of the world.

Any business, that is being found highly popular in the industry, must possess one quality in itself, and that’s transparency. It is not possible without the oratorical skills of the leader to let the world know of the services provided by his business. The shareholders are the prime responsibility for any business enterprise, and hence, it is the responsibility of the leader to make them understand in details about their responsibility in the business and how the management should perform.

It’s the individual charm of the leader that will persuade all his employees and team members to listen to his plans so that it can cumulatively work in tandem to result in the growth of the enterprise. It is an integral part of all business that all the board of members will not have same perspective towards one significant move and their opinions will vary. A leader needs to know how to convince the members and all those who will have a direct effect on the decisions that are being taken. In all sorts of dissatisfactions and disintegrated opinions of interest, it is the spunk of the leader according to Chuck Kopp that will pacify all of them down and narrow down to one conclusion that works in favor of all.

No good leader is born in a day; it is years of dedication in nurturing them that makes a great leader out of a common man. It is the conviction and passion to lead the nation that makes the leader responsible and worthy of respect of the entire humanity.