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Know more about 3 room bto renovation package

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Interior Design is the art of upgrading the already present item in a building. It refers as the job of choosing the more aesthetically pleasing products, to decorate the inside of the house or building. 3 room bto renovation package is an all-round profession which includes space planning, research, developing a concept, site examination, programming, execution, interacting with stakeholders. It is a powerful, vital part of our day to day lives and influence how we work, live, play. Comfy and relaxed homes, attractive public places, etc are work of interior design.

History and modern times

In the earlier times, interior were set up naturally as a part of the building process. The line of work of interior design has been an outcome of the growth and evolution of the society as well as from the elaborate architecture that has occurred from the growth of industrial process. The interior design career has become more accepted in recent times. People spend more money on decorating their homes and thus need expert advice which is given by interior designers.

3 room bto renovation package

Interior designer

Interior designer operates with clients to produce elegant rooms and areas. The work of an interior designer is to give advice in interior layout for the area and suggest various reconfigurations. An interior designer approach the effect of an interior design, consult with expert stakeholders, supplying the interior design services.

Primary principles of interior designing

By knowing the primary principles of interior design you can turn convert any space to look wonderful.

  1. Balance- In interior design, balance creates a sense of stability.

       There are three types of balance

  • Symmetrical or Formal- In this the space is equally divided into two equal similar looking spaces.
  • Asymmetrical or Informal- In this the space divided is not similar looking.
  • Radial Balance- It is when the elements are occurring from a certain point.
  1. Rhythm- Its purpose is to create a pattern. It can be done by using same colours or shape, creating visual interests.
  2. Harmony- When elements come together to form a united message is harmony.
  3. Emphasis- When you give equal importance to everything.
  4. Proportion And Scale- The ratio of the size of one to another is proportion. The relation of size of one object to another is scale.


In this we discuss what interior designs is and what are the changes between previous and modern times for interior design. We also discuss what exactly interior designers do and are the basic principles of interior design.