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Main Advantages of Trading CFDs

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Trading CFDs has been compared to stock trading because of how simple it is to comprehend and trade. Due to the fact that CFD prices fluctuate in line with the real share price fluctuations, everything you’ve learned about stock trading may be applied to CFD trading.

When used correctly, CFDs enable you to profit from any market situation. Profiting from increasing stock prices by “going long” is just one way to make money; “going short” is also an option. Going short may help you earn money in these unpredictable markets when selling regular shares may not.

CFDs do not have an expiry date, unlike conventional derivatives, which lose all of their value when they reach their expiration date. CFDs may be held for as long or as short as the trader desires.

Cheap fees and low margins are two additional appealing features of CFDs. The primary advantage of trading CFDs is that, for the same investment, you may acquire a bigger position than you would with regular shares.

When trading stocks, your broker will often need the whole transaction amount upfront. When you are trading CFDs, your broker will only ask for a little down payment, usually less than 10% of the total transaction value. Having the ability to trade on margin, or gear your investments, has the benefit of allowing you to trade the same size positions as you would with your broker while also freeing up capital for other uses.

Using Leverage

Leverage may be used to increase profits and market exposure, but it is not appropriate for many investors due to the high risk involved. This feature, on the other hand, is arguably the most significant benefit of the CFD for aggressive, risk-taking investors. As long as you’re trading on margin, you don’t have to fund your CFD trading account to the full extent of your risk.


It is possible to trade stocks, commodities, and indices all at once using a single online trading account.

CFDs make it simple to sell short the market

Selling without borrowing stock or incurring finance costs makes it easy to short the market – just click the sell button and buy back the CFD whenever you want.

There is no set size for the contract

You may trade whatever number of shares you want. Another appealing aspect is the availability of instantly tradable pricing for all except the biggest transactions. In most instances, you will get confirmation of your transaction at that level unless the market has changed quickly in your favor or against you.

Using CFDs to hedge an existing portfolio is common

It is possible to protect your real stock portfolio without liquidating it by selling the right CFDs for a short or long period of time, depending on how confident you are in the market at that particular time.