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More about Serviced Apartments

In recent years, the number of business trips has increased with the integration of the global economy and the further identification of business opportunities. As physical boundaries disappear and the world becomes a market, travel has become much easier with fewer restrictions, more connections, and technological advances.

However, cost growth is a factor that many companies and corporations must carefully monitor and control to ensure that profitability and profitability do not fall. A long stay in luxury hotels is a very expensive and tedious task, especially since many business travelers spend less time in their hotel rooms and spend more time outside the business in causeway bay serviced suites.

For such travelers, serviced apartments are a boon and a more economical alternative to hotel rooms.

The concept of serviced apartments captured the world of travel and business at a time when the global economy was shattered and frugality was considered the order of the day. Since then, the demand for this type of accommodation is only growing, and many cities in the schedule of international travel are preparing to meet these needs.

Serviced Apartments

“Serviced Apartments” means furnished rooms, comfortable rooms with an attached bathroom, and a functional kitchen with basic amenities for quick cooking. It gives a feeling of home comfort to people in constant motion and considers hotel rooms as “luxury without warm sensations.” It is equipped with modern means of communication, such as telephone, Internet and facsimile, which makes it possible to quickly and easily program meetings, meetings, etc. Some serviced apartments also have internal conference rooms or conference rooms for small groups. Most of them have a concierge service or a help desk for organizing premises, a cleaning department and a central kitchen serving dishes either as room service or in adjacent dining rooms. Although the menu may not be as complete and varied as in luxury service apartment hk, it offers a good selection of hygienic, well-prepared and healthy dishes.

Thus, an apartment is a term used to refer to temporarily furnished rooms or buildings that provide services and amenities, usually for short-term stays; these days, even a long stay is recommended in apartments with services. They include most, if not all, of the inconveniences and amenities of hotel rooms, but they are much cheaper. Global reports from the serviced apartment industry show that the term “serviced apartment” is increasingly used as a generic term for all brands of rooms and apartments, some with a basic and simple approach to housing, and others with a high level of service. Create a concept of “savings” for hotel operators and guests.

Some of the simple benefits of serviced apartments include:

  • More space and amenities, especially for family members, especially children.
  • Greater privacy
  • Feeling at home away from home.
  • Significant savings in the cost of food for cooking in apartments compared to eating on the street or in expensive restaurants.