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Nicotine Salts E-juices: An Overview

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What are nicotine salts?

These are salts made from nicotine and acid. They have a higher nicotine content compared to the free bases. It is important to be able to discern the best nicotine salt to go for and you can do this by checking on

Are they safe?

Like every other that contains nicotine, the salts also have their side effects. Salts made from nicotine and those that are without nicotine are both addictive so there is a risk no matter what form of e-liquid is being inhaled. Nicotine salts have a higher level of nicotine that is more palatable so there’s a chance of an increase in addiction. A lot of studies are being made on nicotine salt and its increased addiction. Another concern around this is that there are some reports of added chemicals to this nicotine which causes increased coughing. Nicotine salts are new in the market and most of them are still undergoing testing to check for their toxicity. Like every other kind of vaping there’s a chance that the user can be allergic to the chemicals added to the salt and when this happens if the chemicals used in this sort are unknown, it might be detrimental to health. This also makes nicotine salts no less safe than traditional nicotine. However, what makes nicotine salt vaping safer than traditional nicotine is the fact that it does not affect the lungs compared to the traditional recruiting when it’s smoked.

Nicotine Salts

Is it safer?

There are pros attached to using nicotine salts over traditional nicotine and one of them is that for those who have quit smoking and are struggling with nicotine withdrawal, vaping nicotine salts can help them with their nicotine intake. The e-juice nicotine salts allow for them to take the higher nicotine content while still enjoying a smoke and due to the higher nicotine in the salt juice the cost of filling these devices is inexpensive.

Side effects

Aside from the benefits of nicotine still there are also some downsides to using nicotine salts and this has more to do with the newness of the product rather than the commodity itself. Making of the salt is new to the market because the companies or the manufacturers are still working to convert the flavours into nicotine salt this means that the selection of flavours for the salt also contributes to the cons. The vaping nicotine salts burn at a lower temperature. This might be a good thing for some others, however, and bad for others. And this is because the lower the temperature, the higher the amount of nicotine that will be found and for new users to find the right adjustment of dose can take some time.

Brands that are rated top in nicotine salt sales are:

  • Maui sun
  • Pee Wee Kwi
  • Watermelon Chill