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Ever heard of a Power strip? It is one of the most important components in electronics as a whole. You may know it by its second name which is surge suppressor. This article is aimed at explaining what a Power strip is, it is a component that serves the purpose of controlling the fluctuation and change in electrical current in electronic devices such as phones, computers, televisions etc.

The ideal current that flows through the electric line of a residential home is 120V and in some cases, there might be an instant or immediate increase or surge in the current as a result of different factors, this unexpected increase in current can affect your electronic devices negatively, sometimes even damaging them beyond repair. This is where a best Power strips needed, it consists of a long power strip which has a number of sockets that allow the connection of multiple devices at a given time. The device works with the use of a hotline, a fuse and a Metal Oxide Varistor, which is also known as a MOV. These components come together to serve as a protector for your electronic devices, they help regulate the flow of current to electronic devices, for instance, the current runs through the power strip and if the case occurs that there is a spike or sudden increase in the current, the extra unwanted current is then transferred to the Metal Oxide Varistor (MOV) which then absorbs the extra unwanted current, thus protecting all electrical appliances that are connected to the device.


There are some factors to consider when planning to purchase a surge protector in order to ensure that you buy the right one, because as with all appliances, it is always advisable to go for the best. Most smart people will see the need for the purchase of a surge protector. Listed below are the advantages of a surge suppressor

  • A good surge suppressor protects all electronic appliances in the home.
  • It helps you avoid further expenses with regard to repairs
  • It enables you to make use of multiple devices while keeping them safe and protected