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Quartz Table Top Singapore Ideas And Designs

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Having a stylish kitchen counter is everyone’s wish. No one wants to destroy their house aesthetics with just a simple kitchen anymore. They want to have it as luxurious as the rest of their house. This is also why people go for different materials or stones for their kitchen. The most popular one is quartz.

Having a quartz table top defines one’s kitchen as it is aesthetically pleasing to watch. It is not necessary to go for one design itself. The one that you saw in your neighbours’ house is not the only way to use a quartz tabletop. Here are some interesting ideas for quartz table top Singapore.

Black Quartz Table Top Attached

Most of them avoid using black for their kitchen. But if you do see, it is the easiest colour for maintenance in a kitchen. It is easier to remove stains of a quartz tabletop as it is, but when it is black, even the smaller stains left behind become invisible. So, you can use a black quartz tabletop attached to your kitchen shelves.

You can use this as a dining table as well if you use a big enough stone for attaching. Apart from it being aesthetically pleasing, you will also be using it regularly.

quartz table top Singapore

Using It For Placing Stove

Quartz is a stone that is a heat insulator. So it can handle the heat for a long time without breaking or cracking. So, you can use a quartz tabletop piece for placing your stove on it. Not only will you be cooking without worrying about the stone, but you will also be cooking in style.

If you are styling the kitchen of your new house, you can also ask the constructor about the same. They will recommend you quartz stone itself. Once you know that it is safe for use, you can install it for placing your stove.

Tea Table Top

If you are personalising the looks in your house, you will be tempted to include a conversation spot. A conversation spot typically consists of two chairs, facing one another with a small table in between. The main purpose of this table is for preparing tea and therefore, is also known as a tea table.

If you have an aesthetic theme going on in your house, then you can include a quartz table topSingapore tea table at your conversation spot. This will help you be content with the result of your design as well.