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Sauce- Just the taste you want

What is Barilla?

Think Pasta- You get Italy in mind. Barilla is an Italian food company, incorporated in the year 1877 as a bread and pasta shop. Slowly it developed to start its first factory. With the help of industrialization and advancement in technology, the company went on to become innovative in the food sector. They then started to implement new strategies in the pasta production with the help of new presses, mixer and other materials required for pasta. In the year 1969, they started the largest pasta production plant that produced 1000 tons of pasta every day. Today, its presence is in more than 100 countries, pioneering in the pasta-making process, slowly starting its ready-to-use sauces, bakery products and much more.

How are sauces made of?

The Pesto sauce are a first of a kind by Barilla, which gives a variety of flavors and aroma. These are exclusively made to create a unique and combining community that will be influential in building the society that craves for innovative food. The sauces give a huge taste of tomato and other ingredients that ultimately changes the whole flavor of the dishes when it is mixed with the sauce. A fresh twist in new-age dishes such as pizza, sandwiches, a mixture of vegetables, chicken, pasta and many others is brought by the sauce.

What is used to make the sauce?

Many modules of the sauce are made of a variety of ingredients according to the base nature. As of barilla, the ingredients used are 100% natural and pure that will have no negative effects on the human body. These are tested by professionals and are brought into the market only after a proper quality check. The process of making the sauce is used by high-quality materials from Italy and the cheeses that are used are extremely well crafted that offer different flavors for each dish. It is also believed to present the eater, the real taste of Italian sauces and bring in front the whole tradition of the place. There are a variety of Pesto sauces, classic Genovese, creamy ricotta and arugula, sun-dried tomato pesto sauces, rustic basil pesto and much more in the offing. Each of the recipes has its advantages and specialties over the other. In Italy, all these types of sauces are considered to be from their ancient times which is a huge part of their tradition and culture, that is being shared and distributed to the world through Barilla.