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Testmynet – Solve the Equation of Your Internet Speed!

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From March 1989, when Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web, the internet has only witnessed the growth. According to the statistics of 2016, internet acquires 47% of the worldwide population and only promise to higher the count! More or less, we all use internet for the commercial or personal purpose. But how does it feel when you see your favorite video buffering or a movie downloading at a terrible speed? That feels vulnerable, isn’t it? On the other hand, sometimes you encounter an amazing high-speed internet which makes you gape in awe! In order to keep a proper calculation of these two contrary situations, you need a tool like Testmynet.

What is Testmynet?

Testmynet is a website based on Internet Speed Testing which is doing business for more than 22 years now. You need to locate your internet speed from time to time to know when or where your internet speed achieves its highest speed or how fast it is compared to the rest of the internet services. Testmynet provides you the exact thing! The site offers an incredible testing of your upload and download speed entirely free. All these can be accessed from the site itself without using any plugin which is almost impossible to find for this kind of services. Its statistical figures such as graphs, comparisons are hard to find in any other similar services.

More Information about Testmynet

  1. Compatibility makes the main difference between Testmynet and its other competitors. Testmynet makes use of HTML5 which is compatible with both PC and mobile whereas the other similar service providers are built in either Java or Flash.
  2. Users can check the speed of their connection and other websites by utilizing the Mercury Speed Test.
  • Users can save their test results as well! Yes, you can keep your test results in multiple file formats such as image format (PNG) or as a URL which is generated by the Testmynet site. The URL can be exported as a CVS file.
  1. As said earlier, you can find two different speed testing options on the website. One is Uploading Speed, and the other is Downloading Speed. Not only can you check the speed of both the options separately, but you can also do it in a combined form which will result in a combined report.
  2. Users can customize the uploading and downloading file sizes in the site which ranges from 100mb to 200mb respectively!
  3. Testmynet’s extensive data storage enables the users to not only see their internet uploading and downloading speed, but they can compare their internet speed with the others in the locality, other ISPs and get a wide range of results from different cities and regions.
  • Multithread Test is one more fantastic service provided by Testmynet. Being a user, one can set his own default server from Asia, Europe, North America, and Australia. Or else, the user can choose all the mentioned regions to run the test.

Final Words

This was a little of the large benefits and application of the Internet Speed Tester – Testmynet. There are a lot more to know about the software in the form of pros, cons and the utilization of the software. If you want to know your internet speed and want to discover more about Testmynet, you can visit the complete details on LayerPoint.