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The Tonic Water Mixed Featured Low-Calorie Drinks | Strangelove

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In this online market, a liquid refreshment of a carbonated drink mixed with sugar, carbonated, and quinine is added by a botanical suitable for your gin. This carbonated water contains good combinations to suit your taste and the flavours of gin.

The Strange Love has a variety of premium tonic water designed by a beverage brand and specialises in sodas with 98% of its ingredients locally. There are ten ingredients in every single drink, and they’re popular among gin lovers. However, the company delivers Australia-wide and with free shipping from their products such as:

  • Premium Mixers
  • Lo-Cal Sodas
  • Cans
  • Mixed Packs
  • Spirit Mixed Packs
  • Triple Topper
  • Premium Mixers

These premium mixers and the Lo-Cal are the best of collections with a flavour of Ginger Beer to Yuzu and Tonic Water that is suitable for spending less time making more time in gin & tonics.

  • Bitter Lemon Tonic 180ml
  • Coastal Tonic 180ml
  • Dirty Tonic 180ml
  • Dry Ginger 180ml
  • Fancy Lemonade 180ml
  • Hot Ginger Beer 180ml
  • Light Tonic Water 180ml
  • Salted Grapefruit 180l
  • Soda Water 180ml
  • Tonic No. 8 of Indian Tonic Water 180ml
  • Lo-Cal Soda

Lo’Cal is a low-calorie alcoholic drink made locally. These s a high-quality and low-calories of alcoholic alternatives.

  • Cloudy Pear and Cinnamon
  • Double Ginger
  • Holy Grapefruit
  • Lemon Squash
  • Lime and Jalapeno
  • Smoked Cola
  • Very Mandarin
  • Yuzu
  • Lo-cal cans

The lo-cal cans are convenient because of their lightweight and durability. These can drink suitable for hiking activities and other active lifestyles.

  • Mixed Packs
  • Infused Water Pack
  • Tonic Pack
  • Top Sellers Pack
  • Citrus Super Pack #1
  • Citrus Super Pack#2
  • White Spirits Packs
  • Dark Spirits Pack
  • Smoke, Spice Pack, and Fire Packs Flavoured
  • Tipple Topper

Tipple Topper are drinks like a cocktail of bar experience with a wide range of natural garnishes. However, these are the available tipples topper such as:

  • Smoked Pear Topper
  • Blood Orange Topper
  • Chili Pineapple Topper
  • Salted Lime Topper

What cocktail recipes incorporate the flavours of gin?

The Strange Love also has the best organic tonic waters and cocktails with different premium tonic water flavour that provides recipes.

  • Bloody Bitter Lemon Cocktail Recipe

The four pillars of cult favourite combine Bloody Shiraz Gin with two singles of gin and wine. The drinks blends with Bitter Lemon Tonic, featuring citrus of calamansi lemons and the cinchona extracts.

  • Dirty Olive Cocktail Recipe

The dirty online are paired with Four Pillars of Olive Leaf Gin and herbaceous and results in great outcome tastes.

  • Whiskey & Ale Cocktail

This cocktail is mixed from the top shelf of whiskey, a dry ginger ale that features the premium aroma of ginger extract that burns with sugar and applewood-smoked water.

How does using tonic water benefit you?

Tonic water is a non-alcoholic beverage used as a mixer with vodka and gin. Therefore, it has the advantage of being used in gin and vodka.

●       Treats Muscle Spasm

●       Helps Reduced Your Stress

●       Boosts Energy Levels

●       Regulates Consumption of Alcohol To Your Body, Drinks & Foods

●       Great Workout Drink