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Tips to Make a Small Bathroom Feel Bigger and Better

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Colour is very important in the production of wall art. You need to know how to use the perfect colour combination to design the image or object you have imagined in your mind. An effective concept of colour separation is very necessary here. You can add special flowers and other pictures or photos to create wonderful works of art on your walls. All in all, there is no end to the types of ideas you can use to create wall art. Your imagination is your limit. If you lack a consistent idea, you can take a look at the works of famous artists and then reproduce them with the tools you have on the ground.

When renovating a bathroom, most people quickly discover that either their budget or the limitations of their property do not allow them to make to their final destination. However, there are a number of smart design tips and techniques to consider that can help you achieve your designed dreams. Here listed below are some ways to make a small bathroom look bigger:


With a premium space in a tight bathroom, every millimetre of space needs to be used efficiently. A well-planned, hard-working format will prove to be a winning strategy. The final bathroom layout will have a sink near the door, then the toilet and farthest from the entrance, bath and or shower. Tip: For aesthetic reasons, you should not see the toilet as soon as you enter the bathroom! Make sure you allow at least 50 centimetres between the seat rim and any basin unit or wall so that there is enough space for even the longest user’s knee. Also, when planning the layout of your bathroom, consider high ceilings in a small space, where ever possible. Choose from a standard 2.4 m high ceiling to 2.7 m high. High ceilings will enhance the feeling of the existing space.

Accessories and fixtures:

There are lots of space-saving accessories and fixtures available in the market today. For example, wall mounted taps can create more space. Choose a neat, rectangular sink bowl over a round vanity bowl – these usually take up more space. A compact, space-saving toilet can accommodate more space than a standard toilet plumbed to a sister wall. This last option, though, needs to be considered, because with a built-in / wall-mounted cistern, plumbing problems usually require opening a wall cavity.

Doors and windows:

A simple yet effective solution for a small bathroom is to use a cavity slider instead of a standard door for the renovation of your bathroom. The windows will bring natural light which will also open the house. If you are unable to install or include windows inside your bathroom then consider a Skylight. It is clear that the more the light you can introduce inside your bathroom, the more spacious and open it will appear.

Good and clean tiling advice from experts can help your small bathroom look bigger.  Some canvas paintings make it look more beautiful. Ceiling tiles from the floor will make the space bigger, as will the use of larger tiles. The larger the tile, the larger the scale and proportions of the larger tiles, the larger the room that makes the eye believe that the space is larger. If you can’t implement ceiling tiles from the floor, match the colour of the walls with your tiles to keep the toned with famous paintings from australian art store