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What is the process of a christian funeral service singapore?

Christian funeral ceremonies are done in collaboration with church pastors. Different churches would perform the funeral ceremony somewhat differently, but in general, all Christian funeral ceremonies in Singapore would include some similar procedures. Being a pricey city, christian funeral service singapore is somewhat expensive.

How does a funeral take place?

A brief prayer spoken as the deceased is returned to the wake location. The church would have a praise and worship session at night (a sound system would need to be in place). The church conducts a funeral ceremony at the wake site and subsequently at Mandai Crematorium or Choa Chu Kang cemetery. Flowers were laid as a last tribute by relatives and friends. Family members may request that the casket’s lid be opened if they want to put the deceased’s personal things inside.

christian funeral service singapore

Christian Funerals are often filled with joy and hope. This is due to the Christian belief that life on Earth is but a transient abode where God prepares His people for life beyond death. Death is the entrance into what is known as Eternal Life. The awareness that when a Christian dies, only the physical body perishes provides hope and peace. The soul is transported to Heaven, where it will be with Christ. This is why “departed to be with the Lord” is used so often. Also, “See you again” is preferred over “Goodbye” due of the strong idea that Christians will one day rejoin in Heaven.

How does a funeral take place in Singapore?

Christian Funerals in Singapore are often arranged with white drapes and curtains, since the colour white is commonly linked with purity and calm. Contrary to Buddhist and Taoist funeral traditions, there is no prescribed apparel at a Christian funeral. As a demonstration of respect for the event, the people of Singapore, like those of many other nations, choose to wear muted hues. In a Christian Funeral in Singapore, family members often wear a white T-shirt with a round neck to signify their relationship to the departed.

Due to the lack of complex ceremonies and rituals, Jewish funerals are often less expensive than funerals of other faiths. However, the actual cost would depend on the funeral’s level of ornateness. Establish a budget before selecting a Christian Funeral Package to prevent the possibility of overpaying.

There are several Christian denominations in Singapore, including:

  • Anglican
  • Churches
  • Baptist
  • Brethren

Different denominations highlight various biblical teachings and topics. Despite the varying emphasis, Christians continue to depend on the Word of God for all of their teachings. Due to the modest differences in emphasis, the funeral rites of the various Christian denominations often vary somewhat. As stated in the Bible, we ought to remember that we remain one body in Christ regardless of the circumstances.