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What To Do With Plastic Utensils? Find Some Tips Here!

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Plastic utensils are everywhere. From your office pantry to ordering to-go meals. There will always be plastic utensils at your disposal. Even though plastics are easy to recycle, not everyone is aware of how to do it right. Disposing of plastics is a big mistake because they are non-biodegradable. That means that they can stay in the landfills for decades and they will still be in their same shape and form. The sad fact is, plastic is also destroying our oceans.

So if you want to learn what you should do with your plastic utensils, then you have come to the right place. But before that, you should know a little bit more about recycling and reusing plastic utensils which many people are wondering if possible or not.

The Truth About Reusing Plastic Utensils

Can you reuse plastic utensils like mini spoons, forks, or knives? Yes, you can with selected utensils, but only up to a week, to the point that they are too dirty for reuse as long as you are using high-quality utensils. However, not all plastic utensils are designed for repeated use. Some plastic utensils when washed with hot water can cause the edges to curl up. These spaces may retain food particles that can start bacterial growth. Also, repeated cleaning of plastic utensils can also degrade the plastic. So in general, you should remember that plastic utensils are designed for single use only.

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Selected Countries Recycle Plastic Utensils

So when reusing them is not safe, it is best if you consider recycling them instead. Most plastic utensils are made of polystyrene which is a thermoplastic that can be melted and remolded. So depending on where you are from, recycling plastic utensils is possible. What you can do is to check with your local recycling center as well as your environmental services department to verify if there are facilities that accept plastic cutlery for recycling purposes.

Reduce Your Usage of Plastic Utensils

Now that you know that recycling is not that easy and reusing plastic utensils is not safe at all, it is best that you try to reduce your usage instead. When you are ordering out, it is best that you instruct the server to skip the plastic knife and fork. Also, you can bring reusable cutlery at work so you can use it during lunch breaks. You can save plastic cutlery for events where using reusable utensils is not possible.

So when buying plastic utensils, make sure that you purchase from reliable sources. This way, you can store them and only make use of them when needed. And if you have the time, you can still make something out of used plastic utensils. Check out DIY projects online to help you learn some ways to turn plastic utensils into something useful.