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You need to do a few things before dabbing as a method of ingestion.

While dabbing can initially seem awkward, the benefits are unmistakable once you have it down. It is among the preferred methods of ingesting cannabis by users who are more experienced with THC tolerance. The dab rigs can be found in many places, but here we will show you in detail what they are, how to use and clean them, how to pick the best device, and what dabbing etiquette is required for social tokers.

With the aid of a bong or dab rig and the ability to vaporize, dabbing can be understood as a way to enjoy the experience of getting the most out of your cannabis concentrates. Unlike bongs, dab rigs have a bowl for storing marijuana products and a nail for vaporizing the cannabinoids. These unique tools resemble bongs but have a unique bowl to store marijuana products and a nail for intense heat.

Originally, dabbing was used to apply wax or concentrate to nails in a dabbing motion, which led to the name dabbing. Butane hash oil, honeycomb, earwax, shatter, and butane hash oil are typical marijuana concentrates known as a dab. There is typically an upwards of 80% concentration of the psychoactive chemical THC in Dabs, making them more potent than conventional forms of cannabis.

dab rigs

Producing dabs involves pouring butane over marijuana so that the THC is extracted into it. In a bong or rig, the dried gummy solid is dabbed or smoked by filtering it and pouring it into a dish or tray. In a dab rig, male joints vaporize concentrate, while a banger or nail is used to vaporize the concentrate. Since bongs have female or down stems, adapters are often used to convert them into dab-ready equipment.

Titanium nails are the strongest. However, they need seasoning before use. Bangers are shaped like buckets and made from quartz. The concentrate is picked up with a dabber or poker-like tool, and dabs are placed on the nail. As a beginner, it is best to start with a dabber that has a spoon on one end so that you can gently place the dabs.

Several reasons may influence your decision to consume cannabis this way:

  • Despite the smoothness and freshness, the taste is not harsh at all.
  • The smokeless nature of the product makes it an excellent indoor option.
  • There is less work involved with dab rigs, which are more potent.