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All you need to know about Alphabol

When we talk about bulking, the first anabolic steroid which comes to our mind is undoubtedly Dianabol. Alphabol is a Dianabol brand which is manufactured by the underground lab named Alpha Pharma and is a great bulking alternative which you can get without a prescription. Alpha Pharma has been in the steroid industry for many years and is known for delivering quality androgenic steroids, Human growth hormone and various performance-boosting steroids.  Alphabol is a popular anabolic steroid among bodybuilders as you can get it at a reasonable price without any prescription.  However, you might be confused because of the mixed reviews on the internet and want to know if it is safe or not. Here is a detailed reviews of the Alphabol 10mg brand to help you plan for the right steroid for bodybuilding.

Alphabol 10 mg Review

Alpha Pharma manufactures alternatives to prescription-only steroids without any prescription and Alphabol CR is one such product. As it is an underground lab, you can’t predict much about their reputation and the quality of products. The company is based in Mumbai, India with a number of distributors all around the world. The Alphabol price in India and Thailand are very reasonable and starts from $17 for 50 pills of 10 mg.  Many professional bodybuilders use Alphabol to stack with other steroids and substances but beginners are not advised to do so. They can use up to 20 mg of Alphabol but it is recommended for them to not exceed this limit. Experienced users go for the stacking with injectables substances like Deca Durabolin and Primobolan. The recommended dosages of both these substances are around 200 mg weekly.

All you need to know about Alphabol

This review of the Alphabol 10mg brand is only to make you aware of its pros and cons and to help you make the right decision for yourself. Beginners can stack it with Anavar and Winstrol but simultaneously look for side effects as there are still some chances. Although oral steroids are not as effective as injectables, the latter causes high risk to liver and gynecomastia. Dbol aromatizes very strongly and fast so there is a need of anti-estrogen steroids to curb the Testosterone level in the body and avoid its conversion to estrogens.

If you are not responsible while using it, Alphabol can trigger high breast tissue development in a male body known as gynecomastia and impacts the cholesterol level in a negative way. There is also a high risk of suppression of natural testosterone and water retention which is followed by problems like male pattern baldness, acne and high blood pressure. Dianabol has high chances for virilization in females can contribute towards deepening their voice, Enlarged clitoris, changes in menstrual patterns and excessive hair on face and body. The average dosage of Alphabol for men is between 15 mg to 50 mg daily and for women, it is around 5 mg.  Although it comes with all these drawbacks, it can greatly enhance the protein synthesis, metabolism, and red blood production and can assist a lot in improving strength and muscle mass. It can help you produce massive gains with its high nitrogen retaining capacity and is a good choice for bulking.