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Confused about taxes- tax advisory services Singapore

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Revenues of a particular country depend upon the taxes imposed by them. All taxpayers must file or e-file their income tax with IRAS by the date 15 April or 18 April, respectively. Taxpayers can expect the notice of assessment from IRAS by the end of October. For all these, you need tax advisory services singapore. Wan Consultants provide one such service.

Wan Consultants have an experience of over 30 years in the field of accounting, business tax preparation, and filing services forself-employed individuals in Singapore. They help you to understand your tax deductions and individual tax reliefs through income tax laws.

They provide services to large and small clients from diverse industries, for instance, restaurants, enrichment centers, renovation contractors, commission agents, manufacturers, cleaning companies, hair and beauty salons, wholesome and retail traders, construction main, and sub-contractors, transport companies, etc.

tax advisory services singapore

Why choose business tax services?

  • They have a team of professional tax consultants in Singapore which provides you with the best services.
  • Returning of tax on time after submitting it to IRAS
  • You get advice on how to save on tax.
  • They provide you with the best courier services.
  • Many people find difficulty filling up the documents; theyhelp you with all the procedures in an organized manner.
  • You can extend the deadline of the application when necessary. It is only possible if IRAS approves.
  • You get full information regarding tax submissions through IRAS.
  • People tend to have many queries. They provide the best customer care services to ease all your worries.
  • They are affordable

Price list for the sole-proprietorship tax fee

Annual turnover – cost



150,001-200,000- 390







This is the list of some of the prices.

Tax advisory service also advises on taxes paid by companies;

Before incorporation- private companies may be incorporated with one director and a shareholder, which the director should be a resident of Singapore. You can set up your company with a Singapore citizen pass if you are from a foreign country. After that, you are officially eligible to be a taxpayer.

After incorporation- every company should have a secretary within six months of the corporation. The company’s financial end year should be decided, and itmust maintain a register of controllers within 30 days of incorporation. If the company crumbles under any circumstances, you must apply for GST registration within 30 days.