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Cordless Hair Clipper: An Easy way to Shear

Hair Clipper is a specialized tool used to cut human head hair. The Clippers work on the same principle as scissors but a distinct from scissors themselves and razors. It is similar, but heavy-duty implements are used to shear sheep but are called headpieces or machine shear. Most recently, the cordless hair Clipper has been populated in the beauty market.

Why are Cordless clippers preferable?

Trimming hair is a difficult task. No matter how good the clipper is while using it at home or in any barber’s shop, the cords attached to the clippers could limit one’s flexibility. People might wish for more freedom since corded models are heavy. On the other hand, cordless clippers are light weighted and perform the job more than satisfactory and, most importantly, give the customer the convenience they desire.

What are the benefits of the Cordless Clipper?

  • Attaining Freedom of Movement – By using cordless clippers, one could free themselves from the hassle of working their movements around the cable with a long line of corded clippers. With added adaptability and mobility, professionals are empowered to reach otherwise difficult areas easily and comfortably clip and shape their hair at different angles without worrying about obstruction that could come from a traditional clipper’s cord. They could enjoy the versatility of the cordless Clippers and their utility in ensuring creativity in all of their professional cuts.
  • Excellence Design- Cordless clippers, especially in Singapore, are built with lithium-ion technology to provide professionals with 70 to 90 minutes of the runtime of each full charge. These Clippers are also equipped with rotary motors to provide more incredible cutting speeds- from 5,500 rpm to 6,700 rpm- for robust, durable operation and excellent results.
  • Perfect Tapers- If anyone is looking for a perfect tool for Tapers, then Singapore is here to provide the Super taper cordless clippers. The Super tapers cordless is designed with an adjustable taper level for variable taper lens with angle blades to provide more effortless pickup of hair with c-strokes.
  • Extreme Versatility – A cordless clipper is an excellent tool for tapering, fading, creating texture, bulk removal, blending, and even precision cutting. To top it off, its stagger-tooth blade- which cuts hair at two different lengths with each pass makes it a magic cordless clipper of truly a clipper like no other.

The cordless clippers have unique value and could be said to be objectively better than another. These Clippers depend on a person’s specific needs and choice as a hair professional.