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Immigration to Canada process and the point system

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Canada is considered to be the first choice for immigration for a lot of people, especially by the people belonging to Asian countries. Lots of people from diverse background come to Canada every year in search of a better living standard, quality of life and better job opportunities. After a point of time these people finally settle here; so if you are also one of the immigrants and looking for Canada immigration then they should be aware that there is the immigration to Canada points calculator and someone who meets the required points is only eligible for getting Canadian immigration.

The applicants are assessed on the points systems by the point calculator for Canada and the applicants are required to obtain atleast sixty-seven out of hundred points to be on the selection grid. It is said that somebody who has same or higher than the pass mark is qualified to immigrate to Canada as a skilled worker. If the scorer is lower than that then the person is not qualified to immigrate as a skilled worker. The Canada’s points system is designed in order to attract immigrants who promise to join and contribute to their new place of living.

The best part about the point calculator for Canada is that it is transparent and those who are potential applicants can easily review the selection criteria to determine whether they will be able to attain sufficient point or not.

Criteria for getting the points

  • Education-There are twenty-five points if a person has a master’s degree or a PhD and atleast seventeen years of full time study. The lowest point is five for those who have only completed high school.
  • Languages- A maximum of twenty-four points are awarded to those who are highly proficient in both the languages of Canada; being English and French. The points are awarded for basic, moderate or high proficiency in these languages.
  • Age- Maximum of ten points are awarded to those who are between twenty-one and forty-nine years of age. Persons who are outside this range tend to lose two points for each year that they are under twenty-one or over forty-nine.
  • Proper employment- A person is eligible for ten points for having a permanent job offer that has been confirmed by the Human resources and skill development Canada.
  • Adaptability- A person can be awarded maximum ten points for a spouse’s education, previous work in Canada and family relation in Canada.

Though the point system is quite accurate and apt for giving immigration to the applicants but with being transparent it can lead to complaints for unfair treatment. As people can review the selection criteria beforehand so they may feel that should have been awarded more points in one or more categories. The system is known to be objective and transparent but the processing time of the Canada immigration points system is known to be quite long and slow. But if you are sure of getting those sixty seven points then there is nothing stopping you for getting that Canadian immigration.