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Knowing Your Options: Learning About the Different Types of Mobility Aids

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As you grow old, your muscles will weaken and the joints will pain. Even so, it is important that you continue doing the things that make you happy. Fortunately, there are many disability aids that can help you. Disability aids refer to a variety of aids designed to help those with limited mobility. Basically, disability aids are created to increase the comfort of your daily life.

Regardless of your condition or level of disability, there is an extensive range of products that will suit you. Your doctor or physical therapist will discuss your options but it is important that you know the different types of mobility aids. Here are the different types of mobility aid:


Canes can assist you in walking. It can be a fashion accessory or even a makeshift weapon. Canes are also known as walking sticks. It comes in many sizes and shapes.


Crutches work by transferring weight from legs to the upper body. It is utilised by people who cannot use their legs to support their weight. It is particularly used when recovering from an injury.

Gait belt

Gait belts are designed to help someone move from a bed to a chair. Aside from that, it can also be used to help hold someone while walking. Basically, it provides support and prevents a fall.

Knee walkers

Knee walkers are also called a knee scooter. It is a wheeled alternative to crutches. It can be a two, three or four-wheeled walker. This will allow the users to take the weight off the lower extremities.

Lift chairs

Lift chairs are designed with a powerful lifting mechanism. It seeks to push the entire chair up from the base to assist the user to a standing position.

Mobility ramp

Mobility ramp is also called a wheelchair ramp. It is an inclined plane installed instead of stairs. Ramps are important because it allows the wheelchair users to push strollers and other wheeled objects to easily access a structure or building. Depending on your needs, it can be permanent or portable.

Mobility scooters

Mobility scooters are considered the motorbike for the physically impaired. It is actually a wheelchair but designed like a motor scooter. It is a battery-operated device having three to five wheels. It is steered using handlebar. It has speed capability and may include lights, horns, and baskets.


Rollators are designed to provide stability and support while walking. A rollator has wheels and brakes that can be engaged by the users easily. The front wheels swivel so it is easy to turn.

Shower seats

As the name suggests, these seats are used for showering needs. The seats are rounded and smooth. The arms permit an easy side transfer.


A person who is unable to walk uses wheelchairs as a means of transport. Wheelchairs have different formats to meet the particular needs of the users. For example, it can be manually operated or power-driven. It can be used indoor, outdoor or both.

Now that you know the different types, it is time to buy disability aids. When buying, you need to decide on the durability, features, and ease of use. Do not forget to practice safety whenever using these aids.