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MDWs are required to undergo a six-month medical exam (6ME)

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Every six months, you must have your migrant domestic worker (MDW) examined by a medical professional. In addition to syphilis, HIV, and TB, this medical examination checks for pregnancy. This article will guide you in the 6me Singapore test.


A Singapore-registered doctor must certify the findings of the 6ME test. You must pay expenses related to the 6ME.

  • A series of tests were carried out during 6ME.
  • Your assistant’s tests will be specified in our 6ME letters.
  • Every six months for pregnancy and VDRL
  • Every two years, HIV
  • Two-year check for tuberculosis (TB)
  • BMI and other visual indicators of maltreatment

It is necessary to provide MOM with the following 6ME test results

6me singapore

MOM requires the submission of all 6me singapore findings. It doesn’t matter what kind of exams the volunteers have to undergo.

  • Anybody may submit the results of the 6ME test.
  • Clinics are responsible for submitting any test findings
  • To verify that clinics had submitted the results of their assistants, employers may utilize our FDW eService

How and where may 6ME be performed?

The 6MEs must all be performed in a clinic setting. It is not acceptable for employers or representatives to be present during the test.

When should you transmit your 6ME MDW?

When it’s time for your helper’s 6ME, you’ll get a letter with the 6ME form in the mail. She must finish her 6ME before the deadline. You may also look up her prior 6ME date by logging onto our FDW eService. Reprint your 6ME form so that you can know when the next one will arrive.

If your MDW is above fifty, you should consult with an expert.

  1. After 50, you don’t need to provide your elderly caregiver 6ME
  2. After renewing her Work Permit, she is just required to undergo a medical checkup
  3. On abroad leave, if you have an MDW
  4. You may seek to postpone your helper’s 6ME if she is on abroad leave and it is due while she is gone.

When should I make a waiver application?

  1. More than a month beyond her 6ME due date, we need a waiver to keep her
  2. If our MDW fails the 6ME, you will not be able to use it
  3. You must terminate your helper’s Work Permit & send her ass home if she failed her 6ME