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Property Management Services: All a Landlord Needs to Know

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With the onset of the pandemic, the scenario of property management became quite complimented as many properties changed owners while many renters and their families had to suddenly vacate due to a financial crisis. This, in turn, left many owners of a property confused and quite new to the aspect of management and maintenance of the property, let the property be in the form of land, house, flat or a complete complex.

To support landlords in this endeavour, many companies provide property management services; Hong Kong is one such country where these services are readily available for the convenience of the local people. These property management services include taking care of the customer’s property as well as handling all the miscellaneous duties that come with the maintenance and renting of a property.

Property Management Services

What do property managers do?

While one may think all a landlord must do is sit back and only collect the rent, it is not quite true in the real-life scenario. The maintenance of the property is one of the primary due of a landlord that comes with many complexities and ancillary duties like inspection of the damages, renovation of the property, finding renters or tenants for the property, handling income tax and other legal duties concerning the property and many more.

In fact, a land owner also needs to register their property and the details of its tenants to the nearby legal authority; in the case of the property being a flat, they also need to notify the owner of the apartment complex regarding the change of possession. With such lengthy and hefty duties, being a landlord becomes quite troublesome for many who are also engaged in a full-time jobs.

Thus, to support the landlords, property management services hong kong provide property managers who are skilled in such managing and maintenance tasks; taking over the major duties of the landlord and acting as an agent to arrange the whole debacle with tenancy and their lease or contract.

Can property managers help in renting or selling the property?

Yes, a property manager can help one to rent their property at a proper market value – they may even help you get tenants in a short period if you so wish. They may also help the owner familiarize with tenant laws while also handling the financial records of the property and the rents, deposits as well as advances, if any, given by the tenants to the landlord.

In a nutshell, they not only help a landlord find the best potential tenants for the property but also help them manage the tenants and their contract with the landlord.


In the end, not knowing something is not a problem but not asking for help when you may not be familiar with something can cause severe losses to one. In this case, it is better to seek guidance and advice from an experienced property manager than attempt to do the property management on one’s own when they are not familiar with being a landlord.