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Selin Sakarcan – A Podiatric Physician Who Believes in Health and Fitness

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When it comes to overall health and fitness, you must combine the elements of good food, rest and exercise. At the same time, it is crucial for you to maintain a healthy body weight so that there is no pressure on your feet and ankles. If you are not careful, excess weight can cause mild to severe injuries and pain to these areas.

Selin Sakarcan – Creating awareness about feet and ankle health

Selin Sakarcan is an esteemed podiatric physician and is a surgeon that specializes in the health of feet and ankles. As a student, she has occupied a number of leadership posts. She grew up in a Turkish-American household in Dallas. She is really proud of her amazing Turkish heritage and she loves to learn about its culture and the language at home. Besides Turkish and English, she also has been inspired to learn the French language. In fact, she took this language as a major while she studied in college with neuroscience with a focus on molecular and cellular neuroscience.

An athlete who loves to run in marathons

She is an avid athlete and is a marathon runner. When it comes to her profession, she is at present busy with a non-profit located in New Haven in Connecticut called Back on My Feet. She believes that one should always stay fit and healthy. If a person does not wish to exercise, he/she can always embrace a sport that they like. The purpose here is to remain active and healthy. She spreads awareness in the above field and also motivates others to embrace exercise on a regular basis. Besides exercise, she also shares education and awareness on diet and the need to control weight to keep disease at bay.

Selin Sakarcan

The need to take care of your feet and ankles for good health

As a runner and an athlete, she focuses on good health however, when it comes to the overall health of the human body, people often neglect their ankles and feet. Most people do not realize the importance of wearing the right shoes and maintaining a healthy body weight. If you are overweight or obese, it is important to start exercising.

Make exercise a daily habit in your life

You can either work out at the gym or even call a personal trainer to help you at home. When you exercise, you shed extra weight from the body bringing relief to your feet and ankles that carry your body weight the whole day.

According to Selin Sakarcan, when it comes to shoes, sneakers are the best but at the same time, you should not stop wearing your heels altogether. Go in for a comfortable height and always take care of your feet by washing them daily. Apply a good cream and wear socks that allow your feet to breathe. In case you suffer from any sort of foot or heel pain, it is important for you to consult a good podiatrist for a check- up immediately to avert problems that can turn serious in the future!