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Joon Faii Ong London- Helping Patients With Parkinson’s disease Lead a Normal Life 

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Many people have Parkinson’s disease across the world. Its main symptoms are instability in posture, slow movements, tremors, and rigidity. They are known as resting tremors and can be bilateral sometimes or unilateral. The resting tremor lessens when the person sleeps and when the body part where the earthquake takes place is actively used. For instance, the hand might shake when you are sitting or walking; however, when you reach out your hand to offer a handshake to someone, it becomes less noticeable or tends to go away.

  • Joon Faii Ong London– inventing the GyroGlove for people with Parkinson’s disease and hand tremors

Joon Faii Ong London is the CEO of the esteemed wearable technology company called GyroGear. He and his team of experts have created the GyroGlove targeted to assist patients suffering from hand tremors and Parkinson’s disease. This glove results from innovative technology developed by bio-engineers and healthcare experts. This glove had to undergo stringent quality tests before volunteers who used it received it. The objective of this glove is to make life simpler for people with Parkinson’s disease.

  • Traits of the Parkinson’s Disease Tremors in patients 

The tremors occur in the hands and are often called the pill-rolling tremor. It is like holding a pill between the forefinger and thumb and constantly rolling around it. This tremor can also occur in other body parts like the leg or the jaw. Some people report internal tremors like a shaking sensation inside their limbs, chest, or abdomen that often cannot be seen. These tremors interfere with the person’s daily activities, like dressing, writing, shaving, and other tasks that need fine motor coordination.

Joon Faii Ong London

  • How do these tremors in the hand and body change over time?

These tremors generally occur in one side of the person’s body, especially in the early stage of the disease. When the disease progresses, both sides become affected. Over time, intense emotions, stress, and fatigue can worsen these tremors.

There are 70% of patients with Parkinson’s Disease experience a tremor at some time when they have the disease. These tremors are less common in young patients with the disease though it is one of the troublesome problems they face. Those with the resting earthquake will have the disease progress more slowly than those without the tremors.

  • Managing these hand tremors with the innovative GyroGlove

Medicines manage hand tremors; however, they are not the permanent solution to them. Joon Faii Ong London created the Gyro Glove with the target of offering people with Parkinson’s disease a permanent solution to control hand tremors.

This glove has a compact design and can be easily worn like a regular glove. Currently, the glove is undergoing stringent tests by volunteers. The feedback has been positive, and there are reports that patients were able to hold objects better, and some could even hold a needle to sew. With the right medical assistance it is possible to recover.