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Lung Cancer infests our life, but we have what you need

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Lung Cancer is one of the most common cancers and is usually caused by tobacco smoke or other pollutants present in the air. However, significantly fewer studies prove that smoke causes this maleficence. As technology has enhanced, we can now even treat the later stages of severe lung cancer. However, we will advise you to be extra cautious and seek medical help as soon as possible. It is best not to let it grow to the later stages.

The usual strategy for treating lung cancer depends on many factors that include the severity, type, and stage of cancer and the patient’s condition because every patient is unique. Each has a different body, and the treatment has to be changed at times to suit the person’s body type. In Singapore, you can find excellent lung cancer treatment by world-renowned oncologists.

Lung Cancer Treatment through Surgery

The early stages of cancer that have not yet spread to other organs other than the lungs can be cured through surgery and the lymph nodes and the tumors will be treated and completely removed. There are two main surgical procedures for the cancer patients of stages I and II that includes:

  • Pneumonectomy, which is the surgery to remove the entire lung, and;
  • Lobectomy, which includes removing one section of the lung.

Lung Cancer Treatment through Radiation

Radiotherapy shrinks or destroys lung tumors via high-energy rays. The radiation damages the molecules that form the cancer cells, leading to reduced abnormal cells. Radiotherapy with the combination of chemotherapy proves to be more successful.

Treatment through Chemotherapy

This involves treatment with specially developed medication, usually via injection or drip.

Targeted therapy

It involves taking medical drugs that block particular cancer development and reduce cancer growth.


The latest researched therapy treatment tends to activate your immune system to identify and kill cancer cells.


Lung Cancer is one of the most common cancers. It is caused by tobacco smoke or other pollutants present in the air in many cases. However, there are many cases in which these reasons did not cause it. It can be treated in the later stages too. But why take the risk when you can get it treated earlier when cancer develops and is in its earlier stages. Our advice- consult an oncologist as soon as you can.

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