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The science behind horror movies

Who hasn’t enjoyed a horror movie under the covers on putlocker. Horror movies get to our nerves even though we know that they aren’t real. How does this happen? The reality is that directors use some elegant ways to get to such parts of our brain and sub consciousness without us being aware. They get to our nerves and know what to trigger to get the right reaction.

A huge part of it is actually science. Images and sounds are used by horror movie directors at just the right moment to create the necessary impact.

The scientific part

The science part is that when watching the screen our motor regions are temporarily shut down by the brain. However on seeing frightening things we react due to our natural instinct of protecting ourselves and those around us. This is a result of the visual and auditory sounds being alarmed out of its tranquil state.

Screaming is a natural reaction that is meant to both scare off an attacker or alert those around us of possible danger. When scared our brain overlooks our rational thought process. While watching movies we tend to forget that the movie isn’t actually.


Directors of horror movies study psychology and neuroscience relating to adrenaline rush and thrill. This helps them develop plots and scenes that can cause the desired reaction. Studies have shown that the use of certain tools and techniques can effectively turn the emotions of the audience especially those related to fear and anxiety.

Media studies show that contemporary thrillers used more of suspense and first-person projection to create the necessary mood. Modern technology such as virtual reality and animation has also enabled directors to create virtual environments that can be scarier and unrealistic.

This use of make-believe environment, sound effects, mirrors and other techniques place the audience in an unbelievably subjective environment. The result is our brain giving out danger signals in the form of being startled, screaming and jump scare.

Horror movies

Watching horror in theatre is a distinctly different and secure experience since being in a group gives a sense of security. Watching movies individually is scarier. With the wide availability of options for watching horror movies these days, it is easy to come across a horror movie website list on websites like putlocker.

Horror movie directors use various techniques to get you scared and scared enough. Not only do they use their visual and sensory expertise, they also use your psychology against you to bring out that scream and fear.