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Top 3 Best Clothes Dryers Available In The Market 

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There are so many brands available that are selling quality clothes dryers that you will get confused which one to buy from them. Some of the popular brands include names like Samsung, Siemens, Bosch, AEG, Beko, Miele, Zanussi and much more. To help you choose a better clothes dryer that can fulfill your requirements, we have listed the top three beste wasdroger which you can consider for buying to get the best value for your money.

Bosch Clothes Dryer (WTY87700NL) –

This is the best clothes dryer you can buy as it has more number of drying programs and it is the most efficient energy saver with the A++ rating. Among the drying programs, you can choose different types of clothes fabric like wool, blankets, cotton, lingerie, towels, shirts, sportswear, synthetic and likewise. As for the type of drying goes, you can opt for dry, extra dry, cold, and iron dry. The maximum dry weight capacity is 8kg which is larger than a normal family clothes dryer.

Most importantly, it comes with the self-cleaning condenser and hence, you do not have to clean anything manually. The operating noise is low, and in two hours, it can dry a fully loaded laundry in the drum. The only drawback can be that it does not have a steam function so that the clothes can become smoother and take less time in ironing. The company offers two years warranty and on-site service.

Zanussi Clothes Dryer (ZDP7203PNL) –

Zanussi is one of the most reputed brands in the clothes dryer industry. The product has eight different drying programs for different types of clothes and drying requirements. You can choose from wool, cotton, bed linen for different clothes fabric. You can also opt for short, cold, dry cupboard, extra dry, iron dry and refreshing dry to get the kind of drying you are looking for in your clothes.

It is a condensation based dryer, and the condensed water can be drained easily with a draining hose. The product has the child lock, and therefore, it is the most secure one. You can check the time remaining for the drying process to get completed. The maximum dry weight capacity is 7kg which is enough for daily use at home. The noise level is on the lower side, and the company offers two years warranty on the product. The company also offers on-site service for any issue you might face with it.

Samsung Clothes Dryer (DV70M5020QW) –

There is hardly any regular electronic gadget user who has not heard of Samsung’s name. It is one of the best brands in various electronic gadgets and products worldwide. Coming specifically to this clothes dryer, there are several drying programs available for drying all the different types of clothes fabric comfortably without creating any mess. The maximum dry weight is 7kg, and most importantly, it has A++ energy rating. The use of Optimal Dry System makes it one of the beste wasdroger, and the moisture does not spread around it. Just like other brands, it provides two years warranty and on-site servicing.